Similar to other European countries, from the age of six to sixteen, education is compulsory in Spain. Renowned for its excellent education system, Spain has a wide range of fantastic schools suiting every family and child. More and more state schools are incorporating bilingual teaching in to their curriculum, adapted to the many English-speaking families deciding to reside here. Not to mention, the variety of international schools on the Costa del Sol that offer classes in a multitude of languages such as Swedish, German, Finnish, Russian, Norwegian and French.

Private International Schools

A popular choice amongst the expatriate community as the curriculum followed is often closest to that of their native country such as the English centres dedication to the UK GCSES´s and A´Levels. Smaller classes and less students are said to contribute to an overall better educational environment. However, there is the potential concern that students are not as well integrated in to the Spanish system as those attending a state school. The following is a small selection of top Costa del Sol International schools…

Aloha College (Nueva Andalucia)

Founded in 1982 and representing over fifty-seven nationalities, Aloha College follows a British-style education system combining the Spanish culture and language. Offering students the opportunity to gain qualifications in both languages, students are reguarly selected by top universities from all over the world.

Swans International (Marbella)

Located in Sierra Blanca, Swans International School has a vast variety of facilities including a theatre, sports grounds and swimming pool. Founded in 1971, Swans combines strong ideals with modern and innovative teaching styles.  

Laude (San Pedro) International School

Providing students with modern and fully equipped facilities, a complete British education and the additional Spanish ´Bachillerato´, this institution is a very popular choice.

(Sotogrande) International School

Home to a nurturing, challenging and academically rigorous environment, the Sotogrande International School offers both a boarding programme and a traditional day school. Attracting students from all over the world, individual skills, self-discovery and development are highly encouraged.

(Sotogrande) International School

Founded in 1989, this private German School was the first of its kind to be awarded with the title of “Excellent German School Abroad” in 2008. The establishment offers a long list of extracurricular activities to maintain student´s motivation and sense of self-worth.

Svenska Skolan, The Swedish School (Marbella)

Founded in 2003, this school is a great option for the ever-growing Swedish community on the Costa del Sol. The facilities are some of the best in the area comprising of beautiful landscaped gardens and swimming pools where students and teachers are known to come together to enjoy barbecues and similar events.

Spanish State Schools

Fully immersed in the Spanish way of life, culture and language, children attending a traditional state school will often find it easier to adapt later on in life if deciding to remain in Spain. On the flip side, the curriculum is very different to that of other countries so you may find your child is advanced in some areas and falling behind in others. You also need to be sure of where you want to live as these schools are allocated on ´catchment´ basis depending on where you´re based and if you qualify for a spot.

The Marbella Living Team are highly experienced and knowledgeable of the Costa del Sol. We understand that for many families the dream home is determined by location and local educational facilities. We are here to help you make the right decision for your family.