Выставка современного искусства в Марбелье

Выставка современного искусства в Марбелье

JULY 30th - AUGUST 3rd 2019

For the fifth year in a row, the biggest Costa del Sol art event is brought to Marbella´s Palacio de Ferias and Congresos. Art curators, collectors, artists and general art lovers come from all over the world to appreciate, enjoy and revel in exceptional and international exhibits.

The Art Show of 2018 featured approximately five hundred pieces from fresh new talents as well as recognised and influential artists. Tipped to be even more successful this year, new designs are to be executed injecting a new lease of life to the display format.

Top interior designers Sergio Sánchez Pardo and David Jiménez García have designed a new concept, whereby fourty-five displayed stands will embody a more tangible feel, mirroring how a buyer would display the pieces. Spacious common areas will be incorporated to encourage an interactive experience amongst the viewing public.  

A promising feature of this exhibition will be the work of Violeta Janeiro and Mariela Valesco. Janeiro, having previously curated for New York´s prestigious Guggenheim, and Valesco known for multiple international collaborations explore the theme of ´risk´. This particular exhibit will challenge the viewer´s reactions to the art work, playing on the psychological relationship between the viewer and viewed.

An additional exciting initiative will be the Young Acquisition Award, which will be granted for the very first time to the most representative work by a young artist.  The winner will be selected by international curators Eva Riebová and Marten Esko.

Representation of 2019 will be worldwide, with contributions from Spain as well as the rest of Europe, America and Scandinavia. The winning artist will be awarded five thousand euros and a permanent exhibit in Marbella's most famous museum of Spanish Contemporary Engraving.

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